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A Griot is an oral historian from West Africa. In the days before books and internet, people remembered their history by telling stories. People who were particularly skilled became professional story tellers, in charge of carrying on the oral tradition of their society.

The audience often participates in the story telling process, playing music, acting out parts, singing, responding, and contributing sound effects to enhance the story.

The Griot profession is hereditary and has long been a part of West African culture. The Griots’ role has traditionally been to preserve the genealogies, historical narratives, and oral traditions of their people; praise songs are also part of the Griot's repertoire. Many Griots play the kora, a long-necked harp lute with 21 strings. In addition to serving as the primary storytellers of their people, Griots have also served as advisers and diplomats.

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Why Did We Name Our Company Griot? Because we are in the profession of storytelling!

Starting out as a publishing company allowed us to assist Inspiring/Aspiring writers in sharing their stories with the world. Web developing was added as a free marketing tool To assist them in an affordable way to display and sale their books as well as an effective way to reach the masses.

In the spirit of a Griot whose position was/is to not only tell stories but to be the keeper of them, the Visionary of our company admired such a powerful position and wanted to adopt the concept that closely described her own work in helping others to tell their stories. People from all walks of life were trusting her to be the "keeper of their words" and to help them tell the world their story via books and/or the internet.

Naming the umbrella company "Griot International, LLC" allowed her to create different entities that specialize in helping others to tell their story in one format or another. She wanted to create beautiful Web Properties that, in some ways, tell the author's story using graphics and texts. GriotSites was the perfect name because it speaks for itself-

Griot (storyteller) + Sites (web properties) = GriotSites

Because we are in the profession of story telling, it only makes perfect sense to name the entities under Griot International, LLC™: GriotSites, Griot Publishing House, and GriotBooks.



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