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Since Web Properties have been useful to business owners in providing the opportunity to communicate a lot about their business, it would be a Griot shame if we didn't offer branding services for site properties that we develop for our Web Property Owners. Let's discuss a very important component needed in developing a solid web presence: INTERNET BRANDING!  Internet branding (also referred to as Online branding) is a brand management technique that uses the World Wide Web as a medium for positioning a brand in the marketplace. Web Property creation and optimization, web search, social media, blogs, online press releases, and video marketing are all methods used for online branding purposes.

We provide a Web Branding service because we understand how important branding is to one's business, and who are better to do the branding than our very own Web Realtors?

The purpose of internet branding is to create a lasting impression in the minds of present and future visitors who have the potential to turn into customers. When a brand is effective, customers will remember what you offer when they are in need of similar services. In other words; if someone is wanting a quick bag of fries, the first thought that comes to mind may be who can provide to me a bag of fries "fast food restaurants". the second thought is where to get a quick bag of fries. Logos may appear before your eyes... golden arcs... Clowns, gold crowns... You get the picture right? Logos and jingles are designed to be an effective tool in branding your products or ideas.

Branding online taps into the emotional part of online shopping. Customers want to be able to identify with the business they are obtaining services from. We want to assist you in your branding so that your customers/visitors/clients will continue to recognize you through your brand. There are several components when we brand your online presence.

1. We will focus on integrating your online branding with the overall brand experience of your customers in relation to your company and/or product(s).

2. We will assess your Web Property to suggest methods of online branding because companies and individuals rely heavily on their online presence to present products and services of their brand.

3. We will focus on your Web Property's appearance, functions, and company message (tagline) to provide a positive and lasting experience for your visitors.

4. We will work to express your brand's personality to communicate what makes your company and/or product stand out.

5. We will analyze your Web Property for the usability, functionality, navigation, and over all look/feel, as well as your logo and tagline (or work to create one).

We will create for you a full branding portfolio that may include notes from your initial consultation, your company's logo in different formats, tagline suggestions, web analysis and more.

Define your brand -creating your mission and vision statements
Launch your brand - internally first and then by announcing it via publicity, social-media advertising, promotions, and presentations.

Monitor, evaluate, and update your brand to keep it relevant and credible in light of changes to your business, your customers, or your marketplace.
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• Branded email signature
•Create a Professional Logo Design
•Facebook Business page creation
•Wordpress Blog Setup
•Business slogan and tagline assistance.

•Brand Strategy & Position
• Branded email signature
•Create a Professional Logo
•Facebook Business page creation
•Wordpress Blog Setup
•Business slogan and tagline assistance.

• Up to 50 Branded Email Signatures
• Professional Logo Design Concept
• Favicon Creation
•Facebook Business page creation
• Facebook Banner Design
• Twitter Banner Design
• YouTube Banner Design
•Wordpress Blog Setup
•Wordpress Matching Blog Design 
•Business slogan and tagline assistance.
• Domain Extension Pack
• Basic SEO Visibility Services
Email Marketing/Newsletter Software

"People who buy your products or services are actually investing in your branded Idea." T'Malkia Zuri - CEO of Griot International, LLC
Why Choose Griotsites Web Hosting & Designs? Because we absolutely LOVE what we do and we're good at it too, that's why!

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A Few Quick Questions for GriotSites:

What is Our Background in Online Branding?

We have been in the internet business for over 10 years, so we are not new to what it takes to develop an online brand. We also employ some very unique online marketers who will offer their expertise in the branding process.

Do You Offer Your Services To Non-Griotsites Properties?

Yes we do, however, GriotSItes Web Property Owners will receive this service at a VIP price.

Is GriotSites Branding Service a One -Time Service or is it a Subscription Service?

Both!  We offer packages for a one-time fee as well as subscription packages.

What is the difference between a One- Time Service and a Subscription?

With an One-Time fee, we will work with you for 30 days to create your branding package.

With a Subscription, we will continuously work with you to ensure that your branding is being effective. This includes monitoring 3 main social medias: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.