The Definition of "Reference Letter"

A recommendation letter or letter of recommendation, (also known as a letter of reference, reference letter or simply reference), is a document in which the writer assesses the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of that individual's ability to perform a particular task or function.

The Purpose of a Reference Letter

The GriotSites Team is known by past and present Clients for working around the clock to develop stunning and EFFECTIVE site properties. Although we desire to help every startup business with their web presence who may struggle with the direct purchase of the web development initially, the reality of it all is that we just can't. Some methods have to be implemented so that we don't use precious hours developing Web Properties for individuals/entities who are not serious about doing business. The Reference Letter (completed by a previous web developer or designer) is more like a recommendation than a credit check. SO, the purpose of a recommendation letter is to let us know if you are a potential credit risk. In other words: We would like to know if you left without owing them for their work already performed for you.
Website Design Reference Letter

We dream of a virtual world where every business and/or entrepreneur has effective online presence. For that reason, we have tried many different agreement methods over the years to help those who couldn't afford a full Web Property up front. When GriotSites launched in 2007, credit checks were not conducted nor were contracts implemented; just verbal agreements between the "Designer" and the "Client". As long as both parties honored the verbal agreement between the two, the "no credit check, no contract" was a hit for GriotSites and those who joined the Griot Family. Unfortunately, some who chose not to keep the verbal payment agreement would vanish without a trace. A "Reference Letter" will assist our GriotPay team on deciding to extend a line of credit to an applicant.
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Dear GriotSites,

Please let this letter serve as a Reference Letter for
Applicant's Name as a current/former Client of ours.

Our designing firm "Sites R 4 Us" was hired by Carl Doe, owner of Carl Doe & Brothers to develop an online store to sell his products. Based on our experiences with Mr. Doe as a Client, he is/was a very personable young man who was a pleasure to work with. I found my experiences with Mr. Doe to be fun rather than work. He is a brilliant entrepreneur and his creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen.

Mr. Doe never missed a scheduled designing session as we worked closely with him to develop the website his business needed that also reflected his brand. We are sad to see him move on, but at the same time, we are excited for him because it has been a pleasure to watch his growth.

Mr. Doe has fulfilled his obligations with "Sites R 4 Us" and is more than welcome to seek us out again should he ever need our services. Feel free to contact us for further details regarding this Reference Letter if needed.

Sincerely Yours,

Shawn W.C Young
CEO of Sites R 4 Us
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Why Reference Letters Can only be Submitted by Previous Web Designers Or Developers

We are aware that a Web Property DESIGNER and a Web Property OWNER may depart ways, but from many years of experiences, to know why they actually departed or terminated services with each other is helpful in determining if a line of credit is extended to an applicant. Overall, it is between you and your previous designer why you departed, but it is only fair that we know if the separation was due to non-payment.

Reasons a "Reference Letter" may be required to qualify for the GriotPay™ payment plan

As stated above, we are interested in why you are leaving/have left your previous web designer. We may request additional pieces of information to help us in the process of approving/qualifying a potential Web Property Owner. View items that GriotSites may request during the "Getting Approved" stage.

If you are NOT requesting a payment plan to pay for your custom Web Property, you will not be required to submit a "letter of reference".

In a nutshell, it is for the reasons stated that the "Reference Letter" is a powerful piece of information that increases your chances drastically of being approved for a line of credit. Our approval decision is not solely based on a Reference Letter, but it sure does help. Again, we are extending GriotPay credit to thousands of startup business owners and entrepreneurs without conducting a credit check, so be patient as we work quickly to approve your application. 

What Information Needed On Your Reference Letter

We don't really need to pry into your business completely. A short letter letting us know that you left your previous designing firm on good terms is all we are really wanting to know. This method helps us to weed out those who have intentions of hiring us without full intentions of paying for our work. Below is a sample letter of an acceptable Reference Letter. Copy and paste it to a new email you are composing, and send it to your previous designer as a template, (this letter is also know as a "letter of credit" but we are careful to not inform others that you are applying for web credit with GriotSites.