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Account suspension is never nice and is bad for business. When a visitor visits a Web Property and see the "This Account Has Been Suspended," it says one of two things: Either the domain name has expired or the Web Property Owner (for whatever reason) allowed it to suspend due to non-payment. A Web Property may also be suspended for reasons such as violation of the terms of use, over usage or abuse of our server resources, etc.

Why Don't I Have a Grace Period?

Grace periods are not offered on GriotPay plans because we don't do credit checks to afford Clients the opportunity to pay for their Custom Web Property over a period of time. Because we don't do credit checks, we also refrain from reporting to credit bureaus.

When is My Payment Due?

Payments are due on the date set forth during the initial GriotPay signup. Because there is no grace period, all payments are due in the office on the due date's closing time of 8 PM MST.

What if I Can't Pay By My Due Date?

Things happen and we get it! We understand that you may have trouble making your payments every blue moon. That is why we offer a payment structure designed for late payment events to keep your Web Property from being suspended right away.

As of January 1st, 2018, our late payment policy will change. The purpose of this change is to allow a Web Property Owner (WPO) up to 10 additional days after the GriotPay due date to make their payment. This new policy will allow your Web Property to remain live beyond the due date, not as before when the Web Property would disconnected the day after a missed payment. The new payment terms are as follows:

Web Property Mortgage Payments
  Payments are due each month on the date of the initial account setup.
  Due date can be changed to the date chosen by the WPO. Only 1 due-date change request allowed per
  Payments are due by 11:59 PM MST on the respected due-date. Payments received after this time
will be considered "late", and a late fee of $10 will be added to the GriotPay account.
  A fee of $5.00 is added daily until the payment is submitted to the GriotPay account up to a maximum
of 10 days.
  On the 11th day of none-payment, the Web Property server space will be suspended and the site will
be taken offline.
The Web Property will go into a "foreclosure" status which means that the remaining contract must be paid in
full in order to obtain the custom web files for your site. An additional fee of $50 is required for web file requests.
  Web Property Owners who wish to reinstate their site on our servers can do so after the contract is paid in full as well as any outstanding fees.

Web Insurance Payments

1. If you know that you are not going to be able to keep your payment obligation, give us a call and provide us with a "promise to pay" date. Contacting us with this information will stop any suspension of a Web Property due to non-payment. Be aware that if your Web Property is suspended due to non-payment, a $10 reconnection fee will be required for each suspended property to make the site live again.

You must contact a Web Agent at least 72 hours (3 days) BEFORE your payment is due in order to qualify for an payment extension. Also be aware that you are allowed 2 payment extensions within a GriotPay agreement.

2. If your payments are a struggle for you to make, you can refinance your Web Property package to lower your monthly payments. We would reevaluate your package and adjust the terms to fit your budget.

What Happens if My Account is Up For Suspension?

When accounts are up for suspension, we will inform all Clients who are on the Monitoring Service Package and/or on the GriotPay plan about their particular suspension and the reason for the suspension. Once you receive that email from us, you have two decisions to choose from: Bring the account to active status by paying all monies owed that caused the suspension, or grab your files and transfer them to another Web hosting company. Of course, we would rather you stay, but we understand if you must move on if that is your choice.

What if I Want to Take My Web Property and Move it to a New Host?

If you decide that you'd rather move your Web Property to another hosting company, we will gladly help you with that. You can visit your GriotSites account to transfer your domain name to your new host. Be aware that moving your domain name does not move your Web Property. Hopefully, you periodically backed up your property via your cPanel so that you can provide your new hosting company with copies of your files. If you need a copy from us, we will release them to you in a zip file for $25. Be advised that your Web Property has to be paid in full before it will be released to you. Until it is paid in full, the designing rights belong to Griot International, LLC.
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