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Content Is The Boss That Can Make Or Break Your Online Presence.

come to your Web Property looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. They are not stopping by to see how beautiful your site is. They are visiting your Web Property to see if you have what they need, and if you do, how can they get it.

Every business should have common webpages included in their Web Property. We provide unique content writing for each basic webpage with a few exceptions. The Web Property Owner must supply content for webpages with the red

Home Page
About Us
Products and Services
Frequently Asked Questions
Portfolio or Gallery
Reviews, Feedback, or Testimonials
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

A good Web Designer has the "gift" of creating that perfect Web Property layout that not only is user-friendly and functions well, but represents the business and/or owner with a flattering look. Just as well, a good Content Writer has the gift to create and collect content that will help tell the story that the Web Property Owner is trying to convey. At GriotSites, we specialize in providing relevant content for Custom Web Properties.

Web Content are pieces of information such as text, images, sounds, videos, and animations created for inclusion on a web file to be shared with either public or private users.

When creating content for our Clients, there is a 5-point checklist that we initially use in preparing for the content writing session.

1. What type of business does the Client operate or plan to operate?

2. What type of message is the Web Property Owner trying to send to the public?

3. What type of content is needed for the Web Property (mainly text or images, etc.).

4. Which content is missing from that submitted by the Web Property Owner?

5. Who is the target audience that the Client is trying to reach?

Each Custom Web Property comes with a Content Data Entry feature. This means that we will post/code/enter your submitted web content for your developing Web Property. The Content Writing service is for those who need help creating content for their Web Property. This service is $35.00 per hour (min. 1 hour).

Need help with your Web Property?  Let your Web Developer know that you desire Web Content Writing.


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