1. Who is GriotSites.com?  Top
Simply put, you need a Web Property provider that can grow with you. GriotSites.com is a professional, custom website builder and hosting service designed to help authors, radio hosts, individuals and small businesses build quality websites. With GriotSites.com, you can create a Web Property to share your personal thoughts, your hobbies, or even create an online store to showcase your products. GriotSites.com Services provide over 4,500 templates and powerful sitebuilders to help you create your web presence. We also offer custom Web Property that we build to your specifications.  We don't use templates to build our custom properties so no one will have the same website you do UNLESS they copy yours. All you need to do is supply content such as photos and text. Our Web Design Specialists are available to you throughout the Web design process, ensuring that your website reflects your unique needs and preferences.

2. Who are you?  Top
We are a publishing entity, therefore we understand the importance of what platforms to use to make a joyful noise to the world about your writings, your radio shows or any other web presence that you may desire. We can build a custom site for you that reflects you and your projects, or you can create your own with our super easy site building tools. We also offer over 4,500 templates for those of you who feel less than creative in the website department. Whatever you need to establish your web presence, we've got you covered.

3. What are the costs?  Top
There are different service plans with rich features for users of all experience levels. If you outgrow your current plan, you can upgrade to a more sophisticated plan and get more website tools such as the Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder. If you purchase a custom website, the cost can be anywhere from $199 and up. We can help you to decide which route is better for your needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

4. Do I need web programming knowledge in order to use GriotSites.com?  Top
No. GriotSites.com's point-and-click website builder is streamlined so that anyone can use it to build professional websites, even if they have no web programming experience.

5. What do I need in order to use GriotSites.com?
All you need is an internet connection and an internet browser. There's no software to install.

6. How long does it take to build my website?  Top
Using our GriotSites.com templates, you can design and publish your website in just a matter of minutes. If you are having a custom website built, the average turnaround time for a basic 5 page site is 7 business days. The turnaround really depends on how fast you get the contents to us, if you have paid your site in full upon completion, how long it takes for you to approve the site, etc. Under normal circumstances, you can be up and running with your custom site within 7 business days.

7. I can't login to my sitebuilder! Please Help!  
You will need to enter the password that you have set up for your account. Perform a password recovery if you have forgotten your password and/or username. To login to your cPanel, also do a password/username recovery. If you still can't get into your account, contact our Customer Support Team.

8. Can I upgrade my package at any time? What would happen during the upgrade?  Top
Yes. You can upgrade your package at any time. Upgrades won't affect the availability of your website.

9. How does your 30-day money back guarantee work?  Top
If you are not completely satisfied with our service, you may contact our customer support team within 30 days of sign up to request a refund. We will issue a full refund of your service fees, less any setup fees, administration fees and any domain registration costs. Please check out our refund policy for more details.

10. If I cancel my services with GriotSites.com, what happens to my custom website? Top
Once you have paid for your custom website in full, you can request to have it zipped in a file and transferred to you over the internet for a fee of $15.00.  We recommend that you backup your own files via your cPanel and move them out before you cancel your services. View our cancellation policy.

11 If I cancel my services with GriotSites.com, what happens to my website I built using your templates? 
Our Templates are non-transferable. If you decide to leave the Griot Family, you will have to rebuild your site on the new server space for your domain name. Most web hosting businesses offer templates and sitebuilders with their service packages so you should be okay. Just enter the content from your template here into the new template.  In order to ensure that you have the same information, perform the transferring process BEFORE you cancel your services.

12. Can I run a business on GriotSites.com?  Top
Absolutely! Hundreds of thousands of small businesses use GriotSites.com for their online needs. Whether it's a website to display and sell your books, host your radio information, a simple business site or a full fledged online store, you can do it here at GriotSites™. View our Web Property Packages to see which one will benefit you and your website needs.

13. Can I get my website listed in Google and Yahoo? Top
Certainly, once you create your site, simply post your URL to Google's free site submission page. Note: It may take a few days to a few weeks to get listed. Also, check out our article regarding SEO for additional tools.

14. How easy is it to build a website?  Top
If you can send an email, you can build a website. It's that easy if you take the time to add your own flare. With thousands of templates and awesome sitebuilders, you can be up and running in as little as no time at all.

15. Can I get help when building my website?  Top
We offer limited help on the templates and sitebuilders because our powerful tutorial videos seem to do the trick for many of our clients. If you have general questions pertaining to our sitebuilding tools, contact our customer care team here or call us @ 888.600.2011.

16. How can people find my website?   Top
If it’s traffic you seek, we offer a full suite of promotional tools designed to get attract new visitors. These tools can be found in your cPanel and offer many goodies to help enhance your web property such as helping you get listed in Google and Yahoo search engines. If you want to keep your site private, we offer password protection to prevent any unapproved visitors from viewing your content. Check out our Social Media page if you need extra help in with media marketing.

17. Can I make money with my website?  Top
Yes. From promoting services to selling products, thousands of businesses have been built by GriotSites.com. In addition, you can choose to run your own advertising partners on your site in order to capitalize on your traffic. Some restrictions may apply.

18. What if I need a domain name like myname.com or have a domain I'd like to transfer?  Top
You can create your own personal domain name with accompanying email service at any time by visiting our estore. You can also transfer existing domain names purchased elsewhere in to your GriotSites' account. Do it NOW and we will pick up the tab for your domain's 2nd-year registration tab as a welcome gift from us. 

If you are purchasing a "Studio, Apartment, House, Mansion, or Castle custom web property packages, we will take care of the transfer for you.

19. I am having billing issues related to my Premium Services, who can I contact?  Top
To make changes to your billing information, cancel your Services or request a refund, please contact our "Support" team to chat with a customer representative.

20. Where do I go if I find offensive or illegal material on a Websites hosted by GriotSites™?  Top
To submit a complaint or notify GriotSites.com of a violation of our terms of service, please click here.

21. Does GriotSites™ offer phone support?  Top
Yes! We offer email, phone and live chat support options with our premium packages. All other inquiries are handled through our email service.

22. How do I cancel and delete my GriotSites.com account?  Top
You can cancel or close your website and account at any time. To do so, visit our Cancellation page.

23.  What is the cancellation and refund policy on GriotSites.com's Premium Services?  Top
We provide a 30-day hassle-free refund policy on all Premium Services, with the exception of domain names or domain services purchased using a coupon. To request a refund or to cancel the renewal of your Premium Services, please visit this refund policy page for more details.
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