What is a Responsive Web Property?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach to web design that suggests that design and development should respond to user based on the screen size, platform and orientation they have chosen to use in order to view a chosen web property. Responsive Website Development provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience as well as easy reading and navigation without having to resize, pan or scroll across a wide range of devices such as desktop monitors, iPads,Tablets and mobile phones.

Our Responsive Web Properties consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. When the web property's visitor views the site on their laptop, iPad or mobile devices, the website will automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities by responding to the user’s preferences. This would eliminate the need for using different devices in order to have a better experience on a Web Property.
"Apartment" Package
Up to 5 mobile webpages along with a custom mobile web address (.mobi) *1st year registration included
Add to "Apartment"
Available: 320 (mobile)
Add to "Apartment"
"Apartment Condo"
Available: 320 (mobile), 768 (tablet/iPad), 1000 (desktop),  and 1024 (wide screen)
Newsflash! The Whole World Has Gone Responsive!
Responsive Web Properties

Although it has been around since May of 2010, RWD is still a fairly new strategy to the majority of business owners. Most simply put, Responsive Design is: a Web Property design that will adjust flawlessly to fit on a desktop, smartphone, and tablet browser. If you’ve ever pulled up a Web Property on a mobile device only to see the large desktop version, you understand it can be difficult to zoom in, navigate, and ultimately achieve what you had intended by opening the web page in the first place.

🖝Our RWD ensures your site looks amazing on smartphones, as well as computer screens.

🖝Automatic conversion creates a mobile-friendly site instantly - you don't have to do a thing.

Our responsive web design feature (which ensures web pages are readable across different devices and platforms), uses CSS3 media queries to achieve its aim. It also comes with a brand new integrated environment for creating flexible mobile-friendly pages, offering a dedicated toolset for mobile web pages.

The new build also adds support for CSS3 Animations, with an animation timeline, support for multiple animations per object and a library offering 40 new pre-defined animations.

Users also gain built-in support for many jQuery Mobile widgets, such as Collapsible, List View, Navigation, Panels, Forms and Themes.

A new Navigation Panel menu has also been implemented, allowing users to create panels that slide in from the left or right of the page, with support for gradients and images. Also added in are Facetime, SMS, Phone and Skype links.

Want to design your own Mobile site? Visit our Sitebuilder to get started.
Want to Add RWD to Your Web Property?
It’s Time To Step Into the Responsive World!
"Studio" Package
1 mobile webpage along with a custom mobile web address (.mobi) *1st year registration included
Add to "Studio" $92.00
Add to "Studio" $125.00
Available: 320 (mobile)
"Studio Pad" $250.00
Available: 320 (mobile), 768 (tablet/iPad), 1000 (desktop),  and 1024 (wide screen)
Add to "House"
Available: 320 (mobile)
Add to "House"
"House de Luxury"
Available: 320 (mobile), 768 (tablet/iPad), 1000 (desktop),  and 1024 (wide screen)
"The House" Package
Up to 20 mobile webpages along with a custom mobile web address (.mobi) *1st year registration included
Add to "Mansion"
Available: 320 (mobile)
Add to "Mansion"
"Royal Mansion"
Available: 320 (mobile), 768 (tablet/iPad), 1000 (desktop),  and 1024 (wide screen)
"The Mansion" Package
Up to 50 mobile webpages along with a custom mobile web address (.mobi) *1st year registration included
Add to "Castle"
Available: 320 (mobile)
Add to "Castle"
Available: 320 (mobile), 768 (tablet/iPad), 1000 (desktop),  and 1024 (wide screen)
"The Castle" Package
Up to 100 mobile webpages along with a custom mobile web address (.mobi) *1st year registration included
These prices are for Griot Web Property Owners only. Contact us for a quote regarding Web Properties not built by GriotSites™.
Responsive Web Property Dimensions

Our Responsive web design (RWD) allows viewers to visit your web property on several devices with responsive dimensions of 320 (mobile), 768 (tablet/iPad), 1000 (desktop),  and 1024 (wide screen).

Our "Mansion" and "Castle" Web Developments include a free Responsive Web Property.
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