Terms beginning with P

Packet switching
Packet switching breaks data into smaller packets before transfer and then reassembles it at the final destination.

Parked page
A parked page is a temporary Web page used before the domain name's website or hosting is active. There is
no penalty for parking a domain name.

Parking inactivates a domain name. Parked domain names display a temporary Web page.

Perl, or Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is a script that processes text.

A permalink links to a specific article in the archives of a blog. The link remains valid even after the article is no longer listed on the front page of the blog.

Phishing is a form of Internet fraud used to steal personal and payment information. To avoid phishing, be sure a Web page is secure before making a payment or submitting valuable information to a website. A secured site's address begins with "https." Secured sites encrypt exchanged data to prevent unauthorized data capture.

A ping, or Packet Internet Groper, determines if another computer is currently connected to the Internet.

A podcast is an audio or video production posted to a Web page. Podcasts allow users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically.

Pop3 server
A POP3 server connects email clients like Outlook and Apple Mail with mail servers.

A post is an entry posted to a blog. It includes an individual article, or an audio or video file.

Power cycle
A power cycle reboots a virtual or dedicated server.

Podcasting shares audio and video files online. It often utilizes feeds for playback on mobile devices and personal computers.

Primary hosted domain name
A primary hosted domain name is the main domain name on a hosting plan. It points to the hosting content root by default.

Primary server
The primary server, or primary nameserver, of a domain name contains authoritative information regarding the domain name and its corresponding IP.

Propagation is the time delay required to complete a request or modification.

Protected registration
Protected registration prevents most domain name transfers and domain name expiration.
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