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Every Time We Get Paid, YOU GET PAID!

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About Our Mailbox Money Program

By far, GriotSites has THE BEST Web Hosting Affiliate Program in the Industry. We don't claim to pay the highest commission for bringing us new Clients, but we do claim to offer you a way to make some extra cash promoting our products. Welcome to our Affiliate Partner Program or as we call it around these neck of the woods "Mailbox Money" Program. We prefer to call you an Affiliate "Partner" because every time WE get paid, YOU get paid. Does this mean that you are an official partner of Griot International and Associates? Of course not! But it does mean that we are striving to give you products and tools that you can use to make a nice income. We care just that much. Now you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars by referring Clients to us through your website, social media and email. Want to join our Business Club and become a Griot Reseller? View details.
Please Allow Us to Explain

Have you ever lived in an apartment building that offered to deduct money from your rent or give you a cash payout if you refer a tenant to them? Well, our program works like that...sort of....Think of our servers at Griot Sites as a HUGE apartment building. We house many apartments in this building and we would like for YOU to help us fill our dwelling to its capacity. All of our "Apartments" are very spacious and fully equipped with valuables that the potential renter can use. The smaller apartments we call "bronze". Our medium size apartments are called "silver" and our large apartments are known as the Gold apartments.  Now that you understand that, this is how it all works.

Let's say that you found a person who was looking for a place to host their Web Property or email. You are aware that they need space to store their web property aka "website". You suggest our services to that person and they decide to move into our building by purchasing a web hosting package. You will get 25% commission off of whatever their rental (web hosting) fee is. So if the person you recommended to us moved in with a rent payment of $7.95 per month, you will receive $1.98 EVERY MONTH that the client pays their bill.  Now, just imagine if you signed up 10 Clients. You will receive $19.90 EVERY MONTH. If you are really good and you sign up 100 Clients, you will receive $199.00 EVERY MONTH. It's just that easy. That is why we call it the "Mailbox Money Program". You do absolutely NOTHING once the Client signs up. As long as they continue to PAY their "rent," you will RECEIVE commission. Now, isn't that just too easy?

There is no cap on how much you can make. We have lots of apartments in our building so you can bring as many Clients as your heart desires. The earnings are endless. Bring in 1000 Clients under your account and you will receive $1,990.00 EVERY MONTH for doing absolutely NOTHING. Just think of yourself as the building manager. We provide the space, we provide the customer service, we provide the troubleshooting, we provide the web tools...YOU provide the Clients.
Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mailbox Money Program
1. How do I qualify to become an Affiliate Partner?
Unlike our Affiliate Program which requires no requirements, our Affiliate Partner Program is slightly different. We are looking for ambitious people who can sell our "apartment" space and products. If you are willing to put in the work and represent the product you are selling well, then you may qualify for our program.
2. Is it really FREE to be a part of this Affiliate Partner Program?
Yes it is. We said FREE and we mean FREE. You won't be asked to pay not one red penny to be our AP. There are addons that you can obtain for very reasonable fees, but they are totally optional and does not stop you in any way from earning an income.
3. How long does it take for me to know if I have been accepted into the program or not?
Unlike the Affiliate Program, we require at least 72 hours to approve and set up your account. We will check out your website and/or any social medias that you plan to post our banners on. If you do not have any of these available right now, more than likely you will be disqualified from becoming part of this program.
4. How long does it take for me to receive my first residual payment?
Since our packages are on a 15-day free trial, you will receive your first residual payment 45 days after the initial sign up. For example. If you sign someone on April 3rd, you will receive your residual payment on May 18th. Your residuals will be payout on the same date every month except for Saturday and Sunday. When the payout date falls on the weekend, you will receive your payout either the last Friday or the upcoming Monday surrounding the actual payout date.
5. What are the methods used to deliver my residual payments to me?
Because of the monthly payment schedule, we thought that PayPal would be the best route to do to handle the task for us. For payments to be made through PayPal, you must provide us with your affiliate username and your PayPal ID.

Using Paypal, the affiliate will get a deduction of 2.9% of the total amount plus a flat rate of $.30 per payment, this deduction is similar to a credit card processing fee.
6. What if the Client stops paying "rent"? Do I still receive residuals from that Client?
Of course not. The whole program is based on you making a residual from paying Clients. If the Clients stop paying for whatever reason; closed the account; terminated/suspended due to unpaid balance; terminated due to policy violation, once the payment stops to, they payments stop to the Affiliate Partner.
7. What if my Client's account is suspended for any reason, do I still receive residuals?
.Just to reiterate the previous answer, If the Clients stop paying for whatever reason; closed the account; terminated/suspended due to unpaid balance; terminated due to policy violation, once the payment stops to, they payments stop to the Affiliate Partner.
8. Do I have to report my earnings to the IRS?
All commissions paid by to any affiliate is paid as an Independent Contractor service and will be filed with the Internal Revenue Service as is required by law. Affiliates are required to maintain and abide by any governing laws applicable to income earned through this program.
9. Can I Participate in the Affiliate Partner Program if I Live Outside of the United States?
Yes, of course you can! If you are able to access the internet and have a PayPal Account in your name or business name, you are eligible to participate in the' Affiliate Partner Program. Please see question #1 for complete qualifications.

We have affiliates from all around the globe selling our products, and no other obligations or fees are required from us to do so.

Read our Affiliate Partner Terms of Agreement
10. What is the difference between Affiliate Program and the Affiliate Partner Program?
Our Affiliate Program is open for anyone to make a one-time percentage payout on selling our products using our Banners and codes. The Affiliate does not receive a residual from the Clients they sign. In the Affiliate Partner Program (APP), members DO receive a residual on every payment that is received from the Client that signed up. Got it?
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