Why would I Want a Rental Web Property?
We look at Web Properties the same way we look at physical properties. People rent space on a daily, monthly or yearly basis for different reasons. In that same concept concerning a web presence, you may want to rent space for a special event, or to run a contest for a limited time. Check out our “Rental Web Property” link for more details.
Will my Web Property go live while making my payments or after the final payment?
All Web Properties on a payment agreement will receive hosting in order to make the site live. All Griot Packages come with a set amount of web hosting, but our payment plans will supersede the hosting and extend the services over the duration of the agreement.

What happens if I want to cancel early?
A great amount of work is put into producing and maintaining each web property. When you are approved for a payment agreement, you are asking us to afford you credit so that you can establish web presence without forking over a large sum of money at once. Approximately half of the monthly fee is applied towards covering upfront costs with the remaining amount going towards the set-up and maintenance of the web property. You have a buyout option that is calculated depending on the number of payments you already made. If you would rather cancel your agreement without buyout, then we will simply shut your website down and only expect the last payment up to the date you cancel.
Will I save money if I buy my web property before the end of my payment terms?
Of course. We have done all of the work for you by breaking down the financial fees per day. We made it simple for you to decide your buyout amount. Just subtract the daily fee from your remaining days. See our payment terms for more information.
What if I want to buyout my web property?
No problem. Contact a web Agent if you are wanting to satisfy your payment agreement early.
Frequently Asked Questions
About GriotPay

GriotSites™ is like no other. We not only provide beautiful Web Properties to Web Property Owners, we also provide awesome support with the goal of educating all who trust us with their virtual vision. We are a virtual city on the world-wide-web who offers our Clients a safe and sturdy place to house their web presence as business owners, authors and non-profit organizations. Our services mirror those of a Real Estate Broker and/or an Architect, creating and making available a beautiful Web Property so that customers and potential customers can visit a welcoming virtual structure in order to conduct business.

Just like purchasing a house or land, obtaining a web presence can be quite costly, and we know that everyone cannot afford to shell out a stack of money in order to obtain that presence. For this reason (among others) we have developed an affordable payment plan to make a professional web property available to those who are currently in business or planning to start a business. We want to remove financial obstacles that may prevent you from reaching your goals as a Web Property Owner. 

Purchasing a Web Property is a financial investment into your web presence, and we know this investment isn't always cheap, but it is by far cheaper than a physical structure, that's why we offer affordable payment plans. We want to take some of the stress from you that virtual property developing can cause so that you can focus on building your brand and bank account. We pride ourselves on being able to provide Domain Name Owners flexible payment solutions to allow them the opportunity to have a professional web presence at a fraction of the cost.

What is GriotPay?

GriotPay™ is a financial service offered by Griot International, LLC™ that allows you to purchase your Web Property now and pay for it over time. This is equivalent to you purchasing a house or a building for your business and obtaining a loan from the landowner or a bank.

Applying for GriotPay™ credit is simple. We don't do a credit check, but we do require that you provide your credit card information so that we can automatically withdraw your payment from your card. You'll be asked to provide your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and then to agree to the terms and conditions using our secured Web Property. Your personal information will be used solely for the purpose of conducting business with Griot International™ and divisions. We will not share your information with anyone except as ordered by the court of law.

Stay Online While You Pay

We won't hold your Web Property hostage. Once your web development is completed, it will go live and stay live until you have satisfied all payments, or you have failed to make your payment. After the final payment is made, you have the option to remain hosting with us or move your property to the server of your choice.

Visit the quick links on the right to learn about billing, how to get a payment extension, how to apply for GriotPay™ credit, where to view our GriotPay™ contract and more.

About Griot International™

Griot International, LLC is a global Web Hosting Company that specializes in creating and hosting websites for Inspiring/Aspiring Authors, Writers, and small businesses. With our wide variety of services such as book publishing, website designing, and web hosting, we have dedicated what we do to providing web presence and education to those who are unsure on how to start and maintain a dynamic image on the World Wide Web. We provide Award Winning support (at least it should be) to all of our Clients, for we understand that old saying "IF YOU DON'T LOOK GOOD ONLINE, WE DON'T LOOK GOOD ONLINE!
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Payment Option Plans


Complete your Web Property purchase in 30 days with 0 interest fees. After the initial down payment, you choose when and how much you want to pay within the contracted 30 days until the purchase is completed. The minimum down payment for this agreement is $100.00-$500 and a Credit card on file is not required. You control your payments and dates. Total payment depends on the package being financed.


Web Mortgage Payments are spread equally over a six-month period. The minimum down payment for this agreement is $100-350.00 and a Credit card on file is required. Total payment depends on the package being financed.


Web mortgage payments are spread equally over a twelve-month period. The minimum down payment for this agreement is $100.00-$250 and a Credit card on file is required. Total payment depends on the package being financed.


Web mortgage payments are spread equally over an eighteen-month period. The minimum down payment for this agreement is $100.00 and a Credit card on file is required. Total payment depends on the package being financed.
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Subject to internal credit approval, eligibility and credit qualifications. Approval for GriotPay™ Line of Credit for Web Properties requires the initial down-payment according to the chosen package.

Lines of credit are offered through Griot International, LLC™.
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GriotPay™ Credit Services is a flexible and affordable line-of-credit service available to registered Domain Name Owners who need assistance in purchasing a custom Web Property by making payment installments over time. *
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